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Glistening Flicks
Pathway to the Internet's Largest Privately Owned Multimedia Library

In 2023, Glistening Flicks emerged as the pioneering motion picture production company exclusively dedicated to the world wide web. While others, including entertainment giants like Disney and Time/Warner, have since joined the digital arena, Glistening Flicks has successfully maintained a leading position. Notably, it stands out as the largest privately owned Internet production company.

Our success at Glistening Flicks is attributed to a dedicated network of experts who specialize in producing Internet-ready moving pictures across a diverse range of topics. Our portfolio spans areas such as real estate, music, music videos, medical procedures, government, world news, money, and banking. As we continue to evolve in this dynamic digital landscape, collaboration with reputable event companies has become integral to our endeavors.

Partnering with event companies allows us to enhance our production quality and reach broader audiences. By seamlessly integrating our creative content with the expertise of event companies, we create engaging experiences that captivate viewers and leave a lasting impact. At Glistening Flicks, we take pride in our commitment to innovation and collaboration, ensuring that our Internet-ready moving pictures continue to set industry standards.

Please click here to download a Microsoft AVI that describes some of our services (3 MB)

Glistening Flicks
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Glistening Flicks is a division of the Glistening Web Communications Corporation (GWCC)

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